New Residents & Schools

New to Williams Township? These are some things that you may find helpful.

Do you need to get a new PA drivers license?

Please visit these links:

 Division of Motor Vehicle: 800-932-4600

Do you need to get a new Dog License

This link will redirect you to the Northampton County website for more info:

Northampton County Dog Licenses

Recycling / Trash

Trash collection is private in Williams Township. Your neighbors will know which ones are available in your area.

Recycling is mandatory in Williams Township and your hauler has been notified to pick up your recycling curbside, along with your trash.

We have a drop-off Recycling Center located at 2300 Morgan Hill Road. The drop off center is open on the second Saturday of each month between April to November from 9:00am to 12:00pm. We accept brush, leaves & scrap metal only at this Center.

For more info please visit our Recycling page.

Helpful contact numbers and website links:

Post Offices
  • Easton: 610-250-3958
  • Hellertown : 610-838-9351
  • Riegelsville: 610-749-2591

If you have public water

Please call Easton Suburban Water Authority at 610-258-7181 to set up a new account if you are moving in.


When you move in, out, or within Williams Township, a Moving Permit is required.

Williams Township has adopted the International Building Code 2009 and requires that you obtain a building permit for various things. You may contact the Zoning Office for additional info at 610-258-0522 or see the Permits and Zoning pages of our website for more information.

See our other pages on this website for more information pertaining to Taxes, Schools and Emergency Services.

School Information

Living in Williams Township makes you a resident of the Wilson Area School District.

  • The township has one elementary school for grades K - 4. It is located at 2660 Morgan Hill Road.
  • The Wilson Area Intermediate School for grades 5 - 8 is located at Balata and Firmstone Streets in Avona Heights.
  • The Wilson Area High School for grades 9 - 12 is located at 22nd and Washington Blvd in Wilson Borough.

For more information regarding the Wilson Area School System, you may contact the Administration Building at 484-373-6000. They are located at 2040 Washington Boulevard, Easton, PA.

For more information regarding the Wilson Area School District, please visit their web site at