Land Preservation Application & Forms


Landowner participation in the Open Space/Land Preservation programs in Williams Township is strictly voluntary. The Board evaluates each application on its own merits and tries to identify the best possible source of funding to acquire development rights. The overall goal is to leverage available State/County/Private sourced funding with the limited resources of the Township.

The minimum for Open Space consideration is normally 10 acres unless the LPB determines that the property has unique features.

  1. Interested landowners should complete an Application and submit it to the Township Manager.
  2. Each application is reviewed by the Board for completeness and appropriateness for a match against available programs.
  3. The Board will conduct a site visit to the applicant's land. The property is scored using the approved Rating Criteria Form.
  4. Applications are ranked by score for available funding.
  5. When a property is identified for a program/funding, the landowner must have at least one current appraisal of the property. The Board can assist in identifying appropriate appraisers and will pay reasonable costs for appraisals in support of a land preservation application.
  6. An application is made on behalf of the landowner with the appropriate State/County/Private funding source. Township commitments for Open Space acquisitions require the approval of the Township Board of Supervisors.