Sewer Billing

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If you are a resident who has Public Sewer, here is some commonly requested information that you may find helpful:

  • Most residential customers are billed quarterly. Our bills go out in the mail in the months of February, May, August & November.
  • For residential customers in the Cedar Park Pump Station District, your bill consists of two parts: a usage charge based on your water consumption, and a service charge.
  • You must pay your bill in 30 days or you will be assessed a penalty of 10% APR & a $5.00 Admin fee.
  • Any sewer account which is 60 or more days in delinquent shall be turned over to the Township Solicitors office for collection. If your account continues to remain in delinquency, the township may place a lien on your property until the debt is satisfied.
  • It is the policy of Williams Township to bill owners of properties. We do not bill renters
  • If there is a change in property ownership, please contact Easton Suburban Water Authority at 610-258-7181 to have your meter information updated.
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