Septic Information


You, the homeowner, are responsible for the care and maintenance of your Individual Sewage Disposal System. With reasonable use and periodic maintenance, your system should last a long time. Here are seven things you should do to insure your system remains in good working order:

  1. Do regular pumping of the septage from the septic tank.
  2. Locate the tank riser (septic tank lid) and keep it marked.
  3. Understand how the system operates, including knowing what the minimum maintenance requirements are for your particular design.
  4. Respond to a failing system with required maintenance, particularly when surfacing of effluent occurs or odors are apparent.
  5. Do not dispose of hazardous household wastes in the septic system.
  6. Recognize the value of the property by having a well-maintained system.
  7. Keep records of the system design, location, and maintenance activities (including pumping dates).

Our Sewage enforcement officer in Williams Township is Joseph Black. His number is: 610-216-8356. Please call Joe for septic permits or with any questions you may have.

Important Documents