Comprehensive Plan

Please click here to view the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is essentially a growth management plan that assesses the Township's existing conditions, outlines it's short and long range community development and conservation goals, and provides strategies for achieving those goals. It is enabled by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) and must include the following elements:

Statement of Community Development Objectives, Land Use Plan, Housing Plan, Transportation Plan, Community Facilities & Utilities Plan, Natural Resources Protection Plan, Historic Resources Protection Plan, Statement of the Plan's Implementation Strategies, Statement of the Plan's Compatibility with Adjoining Municipalities and the County Comprehensive Plan, Statement of the Interrelationships Among the Plan's Components.

The comprehensive plan is NOT an ordinance and it does NOT regulate the use of land. However, the zoning ordinance must be generally consistent with the comprehensive plan.

Why is the Township Doing a Comprehensive Plan?

 WIlliams Township last adopted a comprehensive plan in 1989 with a supplement adopted in 2000. To comply with the MPC and address current land planning issues in the Township, the Board of Supervisors has appointed an Advisory Committee to update the comprehensive plan.

Why Should I Care About the Comprehensive Plan?

The comprehensive plan guides land use and planning decisions based on the community's vision for its future. This is YOUR visionYOUR plan and the future of YOUR community, so we strongly encourage you to participate in the development of this Comprehensive Plan!

How Can I Participate?

Keep checking the Township website for comprehensive plan materials and for the dates, times and locations of these comprehensive plan events:

  • Community Survey/Questionnaire ~ Survey Results!
  • Informational Open House #1 
  • Public Workshop to Identify Planning Issues and Goals
  • Public Workshop to Provide Input on Future Land Use Plan
  •  Informational Open House #2
  • Planning Commission Public Meeting
  • Board of Supervisors Public Hearing