Seeking member for Board vacancy


The Williams Township Board of Supervisors is seeking individuals interested in serving on a Township Board.  The Township is currently accepting letters of interest from residents to fill the following positions:

    Appeals Board member – meetings held as needed

    Planning Commission alternate member – meetings held on the third Wednesday of each month as needed.

    If you are interested in serving, please email your letter of interest to Mikal Sabatine at

    Williams Township is seeking members to create an Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee. The Committee shall advise the Board of Supervisors and work with the Planning Commission in relation to the proposed establishment, modification, review and termination of an ASA. They shall render advice as to the nature and desirability of these actions, including advice as to the nature of farming and farm resources within the proposed or existing ASA and the relationship of farming in the ASA to the local government unit as a whole. The Committee shall be comprised of three active farmers, each representing a different private or corporate farm, and one citizen residing within the Township as well as one member of the Board of Supervisors. Please email your letter of interest to Mikal Sabatine, Township Manager at: