Williams Township Municipal Office
655 Cider Press Road
Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Phone: 610-258-6788
Fax: 610-258-6080

The Land Preservation Board meets at 7 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Community Building. Come join us! Questions? E-mail us at: lpb@williamstwp.org

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The Land Preservation Board of Williams Township was established to promote the preservation of open space in the Township through outreach and communication to Township residents as well as implementing the Open Space Plan approved by the Board of Supervisors. Meetings are held at 7 pm in the Community Building on the fourth Tuesday of every month except for February, when the third Tuesday is used.

The five-member Land Preservation Board is currently working with landowners interested in permanently preserving their properties in the Township. This is done through a combination of State/County/Township programs and funding mechanisms. Preservation options include the acquisition or donation of conservation easements and/or the purchase or contribution of development rights on farmland or other areas such as woodlands and identified, important natural areas.

Open space preservation is beneficial to everyone in the Township. We encourage you to join us at our meetings and to participate in the Open Space initiatives.