Williams Township Municipal Office
655 Cider Press Road
Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Phone: 610-258-6788
Fax: 610-258-6080

If you must drop off your Real Estate or School Tax payments outside of normal business hours listed on your bill, please place your payment inside of the white mailbox located to the left of the Municipal Building front doors. Municipal Office Staff is unable to accept Tax payments. If you have any questions please call your Tax Collector, Jacqueline Warner at 484-541-1056


Eligible older adults and residents with disabilities can now check the status of Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications online by clicking here

Act 32 - Local Earned Income Tax Withholding Reform Becomes Effective Statewide January 1st, 2012

Reminder - Each business that employs individuals at worksites in PA, including those who work from home, is required to withhold the applicable local earned income tax from employees´ wages and remit the tax to the appropriate tax officer.

Under Act 32, employers are required to withhold the higher of the employee´s resident earned income tax amount (rate of total resident EIT where they reside) vs. the employee´s municipal non-resident earned income tax amount (rate of non-resident EIT where they are employed). Employers are required to obtain information in the Residency Certification Form for every new employee and employee who has a change of address.

Please visit http://www.newpa.com/node/6710 for answers to questions about Act 32:

Williams Township:

(Millage rate is 2.25)

If you are unable to visit the tax office during normal business hours, there is a drop box next to the front door of the municipal building. Feel free to drop your payment into this box at your convenience. Jacqueline Warner collects the Williams Township Real Estate Tax , which is mailed to you during the month of February. Jacqueline's phone number is 484-541-1056. You can e-mail Jacqueline at jwarner220@rcn.com. Jacqueline has office hours listed on your bills that are sent out by February 1st of each year.

Wilson Area School District:

(Millage rate is 55.805 for 2017-18)

The Tax Collector of the School Tax is Jacqueline Warner. Jacqueline's phone number is 484-541-1056. You can e-mail Jacqueline at jwarner220@rcn.com. This tax bill is mailed to you during the month of July.


Northampton County:

(Millage rate is 11.8)

You will receive a tax bill by mail. You may contact the county at 610-559-3000 if you have any questions concerning this tax.

Earned Income Tax:


This tax is paid by all residents of the township who are currently working. If your place of employment is not withholding this tax, please contact Keystone Collections Group, Phone: 888-519-3897 - www.keystonecollects.com

Williams Township Local Services Tax: (previously known as the Occupational Privilege Tax - OPT)

 Effective 2013~ click here to view Ordinance No. 2012-04 ~ $52.00 - This tax is collected by Keystone Collections Group – Phone: 888-519-3897 - www.keystonecollects.com